About US


Makkah Travel Agency is located in Seoul,South Korean providing Air Travel services for all countries since 2013. It also started its Hajj and Umrah travel and visa services in the year (2015). Our company provides Hajj and Umrah Services 

only to Korean Muslims and Muslims who have Korean Passports. Makkah Travel Agency is accredited with ASTA and

Wazart-e-Hajj. Our aim is to provide best travel and Hajj/Umrah services to Muslims of Korea. 

Mission and Vision


The Mission of company is to deliver secure and high quality services to its clients and look for the better understanding of the industry to make the better decisions which benefit its general and Hajj & Umrah travellers.


Committed with a common desire to be best in travel industry, and to make Makkah Travel Agency world’s top class company by providing high quality services and taking company to lead in travel industry through long term customer relationship.

Aim of the company:

Aim of Makkah Travel is to simplify the Travel as well as Hajj and Umrah visa and travel processes on Reduce cost with improved efficiency to all people and Korean Muslims. Furthermore, for Makkah Travel Agency, travellers’ convenience is company’s number one priority and our goal is continuous improvement in professionalism and service in travel industry.